Discover Flying Twenty Benefits

Student, Alumni, & Staff


The Flying Twenty was originally formed in San Jose in 1936 with a membership of five groups of 20 enthusiastic flyers. We have been operating since then with the intent of promoting flying and aviation safety while keeping costs to a minimum.

Afforable Flight Training

Flying should be cheap, so we thought it would be great to help out students who are struggling financially with flight training resources and a place they can call home. We are not a for-profit company and will always keep rates down.

Career progression

Handpicked contracted instructors that are willing and certified to help students progress in their flight training career.

Flexible Schedule

Keep your schedule booked with piece of mind, instructors here are super flexible with your school or work schedule.

Excellent advantages

Instructors and students come from San Jose State University, they'll be able to connect you with people in the industry.

Coolest Environment

Bring your peers and people interested in aviation here for a demo flight, they'll love it! We'll be able to offer them at discounted rates.