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Welcome to the Flying Twenty

The Flying Twenty is a Non-Profit Flight Club, for San Jose State University Students, Alumni, and Faculty. We are conveniently located at Reid-Hillview Airport in hangar row Quebec.  We provide rentals for students obtaining Part 61 flight instruction from independent CFIs which are member CFIs of the Twenties.


Since 2017, we have been tracking all billing live in ScheduleMaster. After flying the aircraft and returning to postflight (see attachment), and your live balance will be visible to you. These live balances include balances from before 1/1/17.

You will no longer get an statement or invoice from Nanci, instead all of your billing information will be in Schedulemaster (My Account > My Statement). Dues, fuel reimbursements, and other items will be visible here. Continue to submit fuel receipts as you have.

Payment Methods have changed.
eCheck payments, and credit card transactions in Schedulemaster are active now. eCheck processing is 0.7%. And as always, we accept checks or money orders.

These changes are due to payment processing system changes to allow us to have online, instantly viewable running balances and payment options integrated into ScheduleMaster. These changes allow us to be more efficient as an organization and help you keep track of your balance better.

Our Club Meetings are now the same day as the plane wash (Morning plane wash at the wash rack), noon Club Meeting at the main terminal building 2500 Cunningham Avenue.

Cardinal Updates

The Cardinal is still waiting on the engine overhaul to complete, with the crank, camshafts, and case. Once assembled, the aircraft will need an Annual inspection. The plan is to be online approximately in October, but will need break-in runs before it can be used for pattern work. It is expected to rent out for the same hourly cost as 8LP.

Precision Flight Team going to Regionals in Bakersfield

The NIFA Region II competition is scheduled to be in Bakersfield at CAU in October 20-28th. The team is expected to take only N67384 approximately October  20st – October 29th.

For more SJSU PFT info, visit their webpage at Flight Team generally hosts weekly meetings 430pm/Fridays in the Clubroom in IS216B.

Alpha Eta Rho

SJSU’s AHP chapter was founded in 1929, providing pathways to Professional Flight, as well as meeting Industry members, Moffett Tours, and flying events such as camping at Colombia Airport (O22).  For more info, visit , if interested in joining, visit the clubroom at IS216B. AHP holds monthly Planes and Coffee fundraisers at E16 at San Martin Aviation Corp’s hanger 9/30 at 9am. RSVP

Women In Aviation

SJSU’s WAI chapter provides pathways to industry events such as the WAI National Conference, career and local aviation events, and networking with industry. For more info, visit

SJSU WAI chapter weekly meetings IS216B Thursdays at 12pm.

Save the Date!

  • 9/16 SJSU Aviation Dept. BBQ noon-3pm at RHV SJSU Hangar RSVP
  • 9/22 – SJSU PFT flight team dues due, $55 base, $80 for competitors
  • 9/23 RHV Airport Day, 10am
  • 9/24 PAO and HWD Airport Day, 10am
  • 9/28 AHP SJSU Dues due

Member Responsibilities

All members are expected to prepay your flight balances expected to accrue for your journey or flight competition.  This will help keep the club’s MX costs covered as a result of flight time accrued during the your flight. In addition, all members are expected to cancel their flight schedule if they plan on not flying.  Penalties include up to and including 1 (one) hour flight time charge.

On the Radar

  • Plane Wash / Hangar Cleanup – 11/18/2023 9am
  • Plane Wash / Hangar Cleanup – 12/16/2023 9am
  • Plane Wash / Hangar Cleanup – 1/20/2024 9am

(3rd Saturday every month, attend one per quarter to avoid $25 plane wash dues fee)

  • Club Meeting (RHV) – 11/18/2023 @ 11am Main terminal building (free pizza/soda, club news)
  • Club Meeting (RHV) – 12/16/2023 @ 11am Main terminal building (free pizza/soda, club news)
  • Club Meeting (RHV) – 1/20/2024 @ 11am Hangar (free pizza/soda, club news)

Contact club leadership for questions or concerns


09/04/2023 News Update:

Aircraft and CFI Hourly Rates Adjustments

Due to rising insurance costs ($7400 increase for 2023-2024 period), increased tie-down, hangar, and increased fuel costs ($7.70/gal at RHV), and sharply increased engine overhaul replacements (more than $10,000 per engine), the 20’s has been forced to raise aircraft rental rates. The C152 will increase to $105/hr wet and the Cardinal and C172S to $142/hr wet (no fuel surcharge any aircraft).  Rates will go into effect 9/10/2023 on ScheduleMaster.

Plane wash dues are effective and increasing to $40 per quarter, attend 1 wash/cleanup event per quarter or inquire with 20’s officers on alternative activities, such as vacuuming the office or planes, refilling the office drinking water jugs, sweeping the hangar.

Credit limits for renting are being lowered from the current $1000 to $500 for current SJSU students, $250 for SJSU Alumni. If no payment received within 90 days, $250.

CFI rates are moving to a graduated maximum hourly rate system, in order to attract and retain more CFI-I and higher experienced CFI’s. Rates are effective immediately. 

·   Initial instructors, with no CFI-I – $40/hr.

·   More than 500hrs dual given or CFI-I – $50/hr.

·   CFI-I and more than 500hrs dual given – $60/hr.

·   More than 1000hrs dual given – $70/hr.

F20’s Officers will be working with instructors to sign new contracts with the associated adjustments.


Fueling: On call 0900-1700 daily, UL94 pumped by County of SC

408-918-7712 make sure plane is pulled out of the hangar



Schedule an aircraft

We use Schedule Master to schedule our three aircraft. Use the link to connect to the system.

Schedule Master


Flying Twenties Gives Students Wings


Courtesy of SJSU News

SJSU Precision Flight Team

Courtesy of Spartan Daily and SJSU Precision Flight Team