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Welcome to the Flying Twenty

The Flying Twenty is a Non-Profit Flight Club, for San Jose State University Students, Alumni, and Faculty. We are conveniently located at Reid-Hillview Airport in hangar row Quebec.  We provide rentals for students obtaining Part 61 flight instruction from independent CFIs which are member CFIs of the Twenties.


Since 2017, we have been tracking all billing live in ScheduleMaster. After flying the aircraft and returning to postflight (see attachment), and your live balance will be visible to you. These live balances include balances from before 1/1/17.

You will no longer get an statement or invoice from Nanci, instead all of your billing information will be in Schedulemaster (My Account > My Statement). Dues, fuel reimbursements, and other items will be visible here. Continue to submit fuel receipts as you have.

Payment Methods have changed.
eCheck payments, and credit card transactions in Schedulemaster are active now. eCheck processing is 0.7%. And as always, we accept checks or money orders.

These changes are due to payment processing system changes to allow us to have online, instantly viewable running balances and payment options integrated into ScheduleMaster. These changes allow us to be more efficient as an organization and help you keep track of your balance better.

Our Club Meetings are now the same day as the plane wash (Morning plane wash at the wash rack), noon Club Meeting at the main terminal building 2500 Cunningham Avenue.

On the Radar

  • Plane Wash / Hangar Cleanup – 1/21 9am

(3rd Saturday every month, attend one per quarter to avoid $25 plane wash dues fee)

  • Club Meeting (RHV) – 1/21 @ 12pm Main terminal building (free pizza/soda, club news)

Contact club leadership for questions or concerns


01/02/2023 News Update:

Elections are ongoing. Don’t forget to vote!  Check your inbox for a link to vote.


Fueling: On call 0900-1700 daily, UL94 pumped by County of SC

408-918-7712 make sure plane is pulled out of the hangar



Schedule an aircraft

We use Schedule Master to schedule our three aircraft. Use the link to connect to the system.

Schedule Master


Flying Twenties Gives Students Wings


Courtesy of SJSU News

SJSU Precision Flight Team

Courtesy of Spartan Daily and SJSU Precision Flight Team