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Club membership is open to current students, faculty, and alumni of San Jose State University. Members get to enjoy some of the most affordable aircraft rental and flight instruction in the Bay area.

  • Once a member you will be responsible for a monthly membership fee.
  • We host monthly meetings which are held  third Saturday of every month, 12pm at the Main Terminal at Reid-Hillview, 2500 Cunningham Avenue by the flagpole.
  • A plane wash is held every month to keep the aircraft clean and their costs low. The plane washes are Saturday before the member meeting at 9am starting at the club’s hangar at Reid-Hillview Airport. 
  • Please do not forget to bring all required documents to you meeting with the Vice President otherwise your membership will not be valid.
    During your hangar meeting you will be given a Schedule master account and given a tour of our facilities. After your meeting it is then up to you to set up a meeting with a member Certified Flight Instructor to begin your training.
  • Members also have the option of becoming a Board Member, positions include President, Vice President, Communications Officer, Treasurer, and Maintenance Officer. Board Members are in charge of the day to day operations of the club and gain valuable leadership experience.

Rate Comparison

How much will it cost to get your Private Pilots License?

That depends on how much time and effort you can dedicate to learning to fly. However, the cost of the aircraft and instructor can also make a big difference.

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours flight time for a private pilots license. At least 20 hours of that time must be with an instructor, the other 10 must be solo. Keep in mind the national average for getting a private pilots license is 70 hours. So we will assume it will take you 70 hrs of flight time and 50 hours of instruction (flight and ground).

Here is a list of local Flight schools and the current rates for aircraft and instructor (as of March 2013):

School Aircraft Rate (70hrs) Instructor Rate (50hrs) Total
AeroDynamic Aviation C-172 $101/hr $47/hr $9420
Flying 20 C-152 $81/hr $30/hr $7170
Nice Air C-152 $95/hr $50/hr $9150
Squadron 2 C-152 $93/hr $50/hr (Varies) $9010
Tradewinds C-172 $146/hr $50/hr $13,490

As you can see getting your rating with the Flying 20 can save you a substantial amount of money! Please note this is a rough estimate, prices are subject to change and your own costs may vary.